Price List Parts Motor | Daftar Harga Parts Motor ACCU Kering

by on September 9, 2010

Price List Parts Motor | Daftar Harga Parts Motor ACCU Kering

Accu Honda Grand Rp. 118.000

Accu Honda Supra Rp. 118.000
Accu Honda Kharisma Rp. 104.000

There are 2 types of motorcycle batteries/Accu: maintenance free and the conventional ones. The conventional batteries need constant adding of water because the water evaporates rapidly. This is why from time to time you will need to make sure the battery has enough liquid there. You do not want to add too much water either. The level has to be just right. The maintenance free type of battery is a sealed box and there is a lot of acid in the plate and the special separators area. Even if the temperature is very high, the battery always has electrolyte liquid to cover all the plates.

No matter what type of battery you have on your motorcycle, in order to keep them running all the time and not spend money on repairs, you need to do some maintenance once a month. Always try to keep the battery fully charged. If you see the lights are dimming, recharge the battery.

Besides this, here are some very simple maintenance steps that you need to take to pull it through:

1. make sure the top of the motorcycle batteries is clean, dry and also free of any dirt.

2. make sure to also clean the terminals in order to prevent the corrosion.

3. from time to time make sure the electrolyte level is secure. The conventional motorcycle batteries need to have the acid level right between the upper and lower lines that are placed on the container.

4. verify inside the motorcycle batteries for excessive sulfation, mossing and sediments.

5. do not let cables, clogs and other stuff get into the exhaust tube.

6. replace the caps

7. never let the battery just stay discharged somewhere in the garage. It can damage it.

8. try to charge the battery once a month.

9. if you do not use your motorcycle for a long period of time (meaning longer than a month), continue to recharge the battery from time to time.

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